March 24th, 2010


Тед Хьюз. Сражение за Иерусалим

Тед Хьюз. Сражение за Иерусалим

Вроде бы мёртвого человека

С Буддой в улыбке
С Иисусом в простёртых руках
С Магометом в склонённом челе

Ногами в аду
Руками в раю
Спиною к земле

К вечному блаженству
Поющие легионы

Вроде бы мух
Ted Hughes. Fighting for Jerusalem

The man who seems to be dead

With Buddha in his smile
With Jesus in his stretched out arms
With Mahomet in his humbled forehead

With his feet in hell
With his hands in heaven
With his back to the earth

Is escorted
To his eternal reward
By singing legions

Of what seem to be flies